Self repair tips for your car in Dubai

If you own a car in Dubai, 24 hour options for repair services are easy enough to come by. Competition for your business is fierce, garages and auto centers must offer a variety of services or risk losing out to the next guy. If you’re not driving a luxury vehicle this can mean waiting rooms and tedious paperwork. Luckily, there are plenty of basic ways to avoid that hassle that don’t gamble with your safety on the road or the wallet in your pocket.

Cars exist for more than half the population in Dubai, it pays to remember the simple preventative care that can save an unnecessary visit to the shop. Just spending a minimal amount of time and money to cover the basic repair of your car can save you from greater inconveniences and more expensive damages occurring. Many 24 hour services include the same basic maintenance that a quick look at home can take care of.

The first step is the easiest, check your owner’s manual. Every vehicles part requirements, inspection advisements, and preventative care tips can be found there. Service professionals and amateurs alike can all use this as a necessary and helpful place to start.

Simple Preventive Maintenance Steps For Your Car

Be aware, self examine: Check your lights, take note of any strange sounds and keep an eye on your tires inflation and tread.

Regular fluid change: Why get charged for something as easy as checking and replacing your own antifreeze, power steering, coolant, wiper fluid, and oil. At the very least it’s worth knowing where they are, as catching a little leak can save you from big damages.

Check your battery: All it takes is lifting the hood to know where it is and check the heart of any car. It’s vital to examine for leaks or buildup on the contacts and it only takes a minute.

Tires are expensive: Care for them properly and they’ll take you far. Getting them rotated and balanced is important to make sure your tires wear evenly.

Keep an eye on easy to replace parts

  • It’s recommended to get your timing belt replaced every 120,000 kilometers, and your serpentine belt replaced every 80,000 kilometers.
  • Replacing your windshield wipers is simple and affordable.
  • Check cabin and engine air filters. If these easy to replace and widely available parts are dirty, it can lead to discomfort or engine damage.
  • Remember your spark plugs. If anything is amiss it can mean engine fault or imminent breakdown. Standard vehicles recommend replacement around 60,000 kilometers.

With a few basic tools and the trusted advice of your owner manual, you can prolong the life and quality of your car. A professional opinion is valuable, but controlling how often it’s necessary is up to you. Once you’ve done all you can, here is a link to 24 hour car repair to keep your life in Dubai on the move.