car air condition tips for summer in Dubai

Top down with the wind in your hair sounds like an ideal summer ride, but when it’s just too hot to sit idling in the sun don’t get stuck inside a car with an AC that needs repair. To make sure your air is comfortably crisp and ideally, cold, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with your system. This way you’ll be a step ahead the next time the sweltering Dubai sun inevitably shines down.

The good news, caring for your car AC is as simple as using it, as the most common issues can be caught by just paying attention while it’s in operation.

Weak airflow can be disappointing when you need a strong blast of cold fresh air. Often it’s a sign of a subtler cause in need of remedy. Knowing where to look could get you back to optimal
performance and back on the road.

Main causes of weak airflow:

  • Mold or mildew accumulation in the evaporator core from residual moisture (occurs during the cooling process).
  • A loose hose: Usually associated with the blower hose that delivers air to the blower unit.
  • Faulty ventilation fan: No fan, no airflow.
  • Core case seals, blower house seals or evaporator core case seals; if they aren’t sealed then what’s their purpose: A/C ventilation relies on properly guided airflow to function, and if that sensitive system is compromised then yours may soon follow.

Air Conditioner that is Making Strange Noises

  • Squealing sounds: Common issue that is often related to the serpentine belt.
  • A buzzing noise: Sign of an overcharged system, be warned as it can lead to internal damage. Often found after service if too much Freon has been added.
  • Knocking or clicking sounds: Often caused by loose mounting bolts on components.
  • If the hot humid weather in Dubai wasn’t enough reason to keep your car AC in working condition, being aware of how it’s cooling could save you money. Here are some potential issues that if caught early, could keep pricey internal systems from needing repair.

5 Top Reasons AC System is Slow to Cool

  1. A Freon leak caused by a failed o-ring, seal, hose or component will hinder AC function.
  2. A clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose.
  3. Failed compressor or compressor clutch.
  4. Failed blower motor or blower motor resistor, condenser or evaporator.
  5. Vacuum leak.

3 Top Reasons AC Starts Cool then Gets Warm

  1. Clogged expansion valve: If the valve is blocked, the refrigerant can’t flow into the evaporator.
  2. Faulty compressor clutch: If the clutch is not engaging with your compressor, than your compressor can’t maintain the correct pressure.
  3. Blown fuse: If the fuse associated with your AC system fails, then power to related parts will stop.

Additional reasons for a car AC unit not cooling are defective thermostats, relay switches and sensors, problems requiring the correct diagnostic equipment of a licensed repair technician to fix. If you inescapably find you’re in need of expert help, here’s a list of services offered in Dubai for car AC repair.