car paint and repair in Dubai

In our scrutinizing society, Dubai has an opportunity to paint its car repair industry in an innovative light. Important reform and integration of the industry is giving Dubai and surrounding territories a thrust in a more reliable, efficient direction in terms of car repair.

The UAE plays host to this highly populated metropolis and distribution hub, exporting goods to Africa and the Far East. With so much traffic, literally and figuratively, it’s easy to lose track of the municipal and industrial headway that is transforming the region

Advances in automotive repair have boosted the precision quality of body work on cars and taken the speed of repair from days to hours. Minor damage that used to require work on an entire panel can now be performed locally on specific areas with specialised tools, paint and materials. One such process, commonly referred to as SMART (Small, Medium Area Repair Technology) is just beginning to become available in the UAE.

The ability to perform this service in Dubai is an opportunity waiting to be seized, says Andy Patterson, founder and managing director of Automotive Repair Systems.

“Many expats working in the dealerships out here had an understanding of Smart Repair, but no dealerships or companies wanted to invest into it.”

Since no regulation on garage standardization existed, agencies knew their clients would choose lengthy body repairs rather than forego their warranty at an independent specialist. Instead of investing in the training and equipment necessary to perform SMART car repair, companies in Dubai waited.

It seems this might soon change, as regulations are being approved this year that will require all workshops to comply to a standard set in place by the Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA). Esma’s director-general, Abdullah Al Muaini, intends to gracefully improve the level of service offered throughout the country.

“Our aim is to CATEGORIZE and classify all workshops across the country. We will certify them, we will examine and certify the mechanics who work at these workshops and then rate these units according to the skills possessed by the employees who work in the workshops and the equipment the workshops possess,” he states.

This reform has not only the potential to build a trusted network in a vast sector, but also to give workshops incentive to adopt better practices using newer technologies. Already, new brands are appearing that offer more efficient alternatives. Gtechnique, a paint protection aero enhancer, was just launched by the specialist ProDent, and several more companies are now advertising SMART technology repair.

It’s an exciting to be a car owner anywhere, especially when it’s becoming this easy. Discover more about new paint and car repair in Dubai here, after the link.